Monday, November 30, 2009

The 10th Love for your Pouch Competition!

Today I have been thinking about what I love about having a sling.......I know, it was a very long thought!

So, here's my top 9, in no particular order!

1) Hands-free shopping/toddler wrangling
2) Baby is close to their food supply
3) Baby is close to my heart (lots more natural EMF, even more than what's produced by the brain!)
4) Being close to me helps to regulate my baby's temperature when they are very little
5) Being held in a sling reduced the discomfort and spills from my babies reflux (and also meant that there was no need to medicate them!)
6) Carrying my baby in a sling meant that I was able to get housework/dinner done during the fussy times (which is always naturally the busiest time in the house!) and still be able to hold my baby.
7) Slings have been my quick fix when I have a tantruming toddler in the supermarket! There's no escaping or causing chaos in mummy's sling!
8) Never catch the train in Sydney without a sling, taking a pushchair is a NIGHTMARE!
9) The only parenting tool that I have been able to use right from birth all the way through to 2yrs plus!!


NOW no list is complete without the 10th item, whose ever heard of a 9 item list? It just doesn't sit right! So, here's the challenge:

On our blog tell us 1 reason why you love your pouch sling (or what you think would be the best reason for having one) and you will go in the draw to win a Bracelet set from Dr Bloom's Chewable Jewels and a Handcrafted designer coin purse from KraftyAS!

The lowdown on these fabulous Bracelets - courtesy of our lovely friend Bex from

Dr. Bloom created a unique line of teething jewels for fashionista mums and teething tots in mind, paying special attention to using product materials that are FDA approved, free of harmful chemicals and materials, and are both durable and stylish. Join celebrities such as actress and model Milla Jovovich who hits the shops with 10-month-old daughter Ever Gabo wearing her Dr Bloom's jewels.

AND Something not mumsy at all! A beautifully handcrafted coin purse from KraftyAS - made in NZ by a fantastically talented sister duo!

The beauty of this prize pack is that BOTH can be used in unison with your sling - the coin purse can fit snuggly down inside your sling (no need for handbag!) and the bracelets can be worn (or played with) whilst baby is sitting happily in the sling too!

So, tell us what you like best about your pouch sling (or what you would like best) and enter it on our blog. THEN (Very important!) email me your name and email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!  Competition closes Tuesday 8th December 12am.


  1. I love my sling becasue it means I can safly play at the park with my other kids, and not worry about leaving the baby behind in the pram if one races off

  2. I love my sling because it means no more pram wrangling, the sling fits in my bag. It means I CAN just *pop* out and run an errand! Liberation!!!

  3. Using a sling means I get stopped all the time by other people & asked about babywearing! Nothing like talking to other people about something you're passionate about yourself & watching them realise that really, holding your baby in your arms is really so much easier than they think!

  4. Because a lovely baby in a sling is the new black! So I always look in fashion! :-)

  5. I would love to have a sling. With baby number 2 on the way, a sling would keep my hands free for my 2 year old while being close to my newborn. I would have extra piece of mind knowing bubba is safe as well - close to mumma :)

  6. I worked part time for 8 months with my son in a sling. and both my kids have fabo language skills becasue you cant ignore a baby in a sling so everyone spoke to them and of cousre all my thoughts came out my mouth, lol

  7. I love my sling because it means my bub is not in as much pain with reflux :)

  8. I would love it as it keeps my bub and me close but this one I would give to my sister-in-law who is due in May

  9. Oooh I have had a few requests asking where to buy one of the purses from - go to


  10. 10) Keeps baby safe, happy and contented! Happy baby & Mum :)

  11. I love your designs they are really funky

  12. Because when not in use you can fold it up tiny and shove it in a bag, pocket, or as we discovered one day at the beach, a toy bucket!

  13. When my daughter is sick and only wants to cuddled, I can keep her close in a sling. By so doing, I can give her all the cuddles that she wants without becoming pinned to a chair for the day.

  14. Coz holding them 'in arms' for long periods of time is a PITA!

  15. Cause once you have one you need a ton *hehe*
    Just like a in every colour

  16. Incidental excercise hehehe
    Carrying a 12kg toodler around for hours on end is a great form of excercise:)

  17. Because it keeps my baby happy and I can whisper sweet nothings in her ear and give her kisses on the forehead (lol, I find myself doing this all the time without even realising it) :)

  18. when baby spills on one side of my top i swap my sling onto the other side makes a very fashionable new layer of clothing, AND covers the baby chuck!!!!

  19. I think it should be the number one reason, but I don't have to push a giant pram around the crazy shoppers at Christmas time.
    What could be better than that?

  20. I love my sling because when my son falls asleep in it, he's close to my heart and I feel whole.

  21. With the help from the amazing, we have a winner!

    Congrats to sparassidae!

    I will be in contact shortly :)

    Thanks to everyone else who entered too! They were all great reasons/benefits for wearing slings.