Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snap Snap SNAP!!!

Well the time has rolled around again for the need of new marketing material.....and as per usual, we like to utilise a combination of great resources - REAL mums, REAL babies, REAL iconic NZ/Aus Landscape, REAL New Unido Baby Slings and .........a REALLY cool photographer!

So here is what we need:

1 x Smoking hot mama and her baby (under 3 months)
1 x Smoking hot Mama and her baby (over 6 months)


- Any size/shape/height Mama can apply
- Must be available at the designated iconic West Auckland Beach on the 28th Feb at 4 pm for a couple of hours
- Has to be willing to smile and let her hair down!

And what's in it for you?

WELL! Not only will you get digital copies of the photos we decide to print, you will also get the Unido Sling of your choice to keep!

AND but that's not all folks! Thanks to our lovely friends at http://www.bellybeyond.co.nz/ we have a BEAUTIFUL Smart Mum Teething & Nursing Necklace (RRP $29.95) to give away - all entries for our model search will go in the draw to win the Cotton Candy Necklace!

To see what we are talking about, click here: Belly Beyond - Cotton Candy 

So, what are you waiting for? Email sarah@unido.com.au your basic info:

- dress size (so we can have the right sized sling!)
- Name
- Email Address, Phone Number
- Baby's age
- 1 x clear photo (under 1MB would be great please!)

AND if you have a handsomly sexy husband/Partner who is down with babywearing and not camera shy (though our photographer is so good that she can make even the most modest of men smile)?  Feel free to email his details to us too! There's an extra sling in it (for the successful model) AND an extra entry to the draw for the Smart Mum Necklace from Belly beyond!

All details and entries need to be in by THIS Sunday, 21st Feb 2010 8pm (NZ time).

Want a sneak peak at the gorgeous work our photgrapher does?

Lou's website: http://www.louisetreherne.weebly.com/

Lou's Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Louise-Treherne-Photography/231272030633?ref=ts

AND Lou's AWESOME fundraising campaign for little Aria - Artscapes for Aria: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Artscapes-for-Aria/175250833698?ref=ts

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Organic Organic Organic!

Did you know that Unido Baby Slings also have an exclusive range of Slings?  Only a very limited number of these slings are made and each is lined with 100% organic Indian cotton!

There are 3 Unido Slings in this collection at the moment, Creme Caramel (yummy moleskin lined with organic cotton), Delphi (baby corduroy lined with organic cotton) and Star-Anise (baby corduroy lined with organic cotton). Here is a sneaky peek!

So, here's the deal!  Check out http://www.daisybaby.co.nz and find out which of the Organic Lined Unido Slings is exclusive to Daisy Baby THEN, email me at sarah@unido.co.nz the name of the sling and you will go in the draw for..........

An Organic Citrus Gift Pack from Made 4 Baby (which also conveniently can be found at Daisy Baby too!)

Organic Citrus is a refreshing organically certified essential oil blend of mandarin, orange, lemon, rose & petitgrain citonnier.

Top 2 Toe Hair and Body Wash - 200ml
Sleep Tight Massage Oil - 150ml
Botty Barrier Creme - 150ml (fragrance free only)
All Over Baby Lotion - 150ml

1 entry per person, open to NZ and AUS and closes Monday 1st Feb 2010 10pm (NZ time).
BUT wait....there's MORE!
If you can tell us here on our blog or on our fan page (http://www.facebook.com/unido) where you wore your sling during the holidays then you will get a double entry!
Good Luck!
Sarah & Shelley xxx

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Little Brag! (oh okay....it's a great BIG brag!)

Well, what a great early Christmas present for Shelley and I........ Unido Baby Slings are in the Oh Baby Magazine!  How cool is it, to be featured in an Oh Baby Fashion Feature for the holidays!

Infact, it's really worth celebrating as it's not every day we get approached by NZ's #1 baby glossy for a feature (especially considering we don't even pay for advertising with them!).  SO....... let's give a sling away!

The Low Down:

- Tell us the name of the 2 slings featured.  (email: sarah@unido.co.nz)
- 1 entry per person BUT each sling is worth 1 entry (so get both right and it's 2 entries)
- Extra entries for:
    - Tweeting about the competition/magazine feature
    - Mentioning on your FB status
- IMPORTANT: on our FB fan page or blog tell us when you have tweeted & added it to your FB status so we can count the extra entries!
- Give away is open to ALL FANS/BLOG FOLLOWERS in any part of the world!
- Competition starts NOW and finishes on Monday the 28th December 2009 10pm (Aus time)

CLUES!  Don't fret if you don't have access to an Oh Baby Magazine, we have put clues up on our fan page and here!

The Sling!  We are giving away our latest creation:  A Kaleido with Grape Unido Baby Sling! 


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Kaleido

Here is the stunning Kaleido, another new design added to the Unido Portfolio!  Well, not that new,  Kaleido has been with us for about a month now but with all the BUZZ of Christmas it missed out on it's feature earlier.
Kaleido looks fabulous with Dark Grey or Grape but would look just as great with other colours from it's palate too!

Pictured is Carla with her 2 month old little Ben wearing the Kaleido with Grape, and doesn't he look just super comfy cuddled up to his Mama?  Ben is just so scrummy, he let us carry him in our slings around the Auckland Parent & Child Show 2009 for over an hour.....the entire time between feeds (when he needed his Mama)!  He was the perfect example to model how effective Unido Slings are :-)

Kaleido with Grape and Grey are available from our website and selected retailers (for a limited time)!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fashion or Device?

Everywhere I look these days I see loads of Mama's (and Dad's!) embracing the benefits of babywearing! It's fantastic that the information on how great it is for baby and how convenient it is for you is getting out there!

What does baffle me though, is the shear amount of babywearing 'devices' there are out there - you know the ones, the gadgets that can only be used for approximately 6 months, the bulky devices, with all the buckles and straps and plastic and polyester/nylon fabrics, special back boning to keep them 'ergonomic and comfortable'.....etc etc. The babywearing device companies are truly getting out there and doing an oh so fabulous job of marketing.

BUT What many don't realise, is that babywearing doesn't need to be complicated, there is simply no need for padding, straps, buckles, boning etc!

How many people I see walking the streets of Sydney/Auckland, dressed in designer outfits, carrying designer handbags, wearing designer sunglasses BUT then carrying their gorgeous bundles in mechanical babywearing devices - completely defeating the purpose of the entire outfit, correct? Or is it just me?

We take a completely different approach to Babywearing - Simple, fashionable and FOR YOU! Afterall, your sling is a garment YOU wear! Don't cover up that dress you spent 3 hours hunting for and 3 months slimming down for with buckles and straps and synthetic fabrics.

We enjoy babywearing, it's easy, great for baby and FUN especially when you can take pleasure in choosing one to match your own sense of style! Let's face it, we ALL like to dress up and when Mama duty calls we tend to put ourselves last and NEED to find ways to spice it up a bit!

There are plenty of Soft Structured Carriers, Slings and Wraps out there that are embracing our desire (need!) to co-ordinate and be fashionable (as well as being extremely functionable) and many can be found at http://www.slingbabies.co.nz/

So, if 'device' is the word that pops to mind when you think babywearing, then go check out Slingbabies AND our website :) to be reformed!

It's a Pollen Sunrise!

Here is Jess with 7 month old Lorelai in the latest edition to the Unido Portfolio, the stunning 'Pollen Sunrise'.
Pollen Sunrise is luxurious cotton sateen and your choice of 100% cotton diagonal weave drill. 
We absolutely love Pollen Sunrise with Chocolate or Grape!
This sling is perfect for the fashion savvy Mama to showcase her expression of originality!  Ooh!  And, Pollen Sunrise looks fabulous with the latest fashion Maxi dresses available in the shops this summer!

Pollen Sunrise is available from our website and selected retailers (please refer to our list of retailers down the left hand side!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Refreshing NEW Peppermint

The latest addition to the Unido Portfolio is Peppermint!

Peppermint, modelled here by the lovely Jess and her happy little bundle of smiles Lorelai (7months old) is gorgeous cotton sateen lined with 100% cotton diagonal weave drill. 
Of course, you can choose your own colour for the reverse of the sling (if you order through our interactive portfolio) but we think Peppermint looks most stunning with Navy (as pictured) or Forest.