Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Kaleido

Here is the stunning Kaleido, another new design added to the Unido Portfolio!  Well, not that new,  Kaleido has been with us for about a month now but with all the BUZZ of Christmas it missed out on it's feature earlier.
Kaleido looks fabulous with Dark Grey or Grape but would look just as great with other colours from it's palate too!

Pictured is Carla with her 2 month old little Ben wearing the Kaleido with Grape, and doesn't he look just super comfy cuddled up to his Mama?  Ben is just so scrummy, he let us carry him in our slings around the Auckland Parent & Child Show 2009 for over an hour.....the entire time between feeds (when he needed his Mama)!  He was the perfect example to model how effective Unido Slings are :-)

Kaleido with Grape and Grey are available from our website and selected retailers (for a limited time)!

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